Timbers Insider Umbrellas – Word for design and quality
Timbers Expert Umbrellas is among the leading models for sun umbrellas and advanced colors.
Our aim is to devise and produce long-living, highest-quality color products. Items to satisfy the needs and imaginations of our most demanding customers.
What started out in 1993 using a simple strategy plus a single tone, grew to be an international successful strategy with shade options for every application.
Aluminum and stainless will be the foundation for our constructions, ensuring longevity and robustness.
Innovative mechanisms ensure comfortable and easy handling.
Our Towels withstand sunlight and rain. They carry colourful or subtle elegance for your terrace.
The manual design by sensible and capable employees together with these details will be the foundation of our success.
Timbers Insider Umbrellas became a synonym for quality and design. The diversity of the style opportunities impresses designers and developers throughout the world.
Your many specialty stores, worldwide, give local service and service.
Experience a summer with Timbers Core Umbrellas, where your outdoor rooms come to life.
You deserve it!